Solutions to increase the Wireless Internet coverage

Solutions to increase the Wireless Internet coverage

The dependence on Internet applications increases every day. Sometimes we just hope to reach a Wi-Fi network near in order to connect and spend the mobile data plan, especially when we are at home or at the office.

Kroton knows this situation and proposes two solutions to be implemented at home or at the office in order to increase the internet service coverage there. These solutions are as follows:

1.-To segment the internet coverage according to the environments or equipment such as Smart TV or Video / game Desks, devices, using the Power Line (PLC) technology. These devices use the electric network to extend the internet signal along the different environments at home, in such a way that each socket becomes a feasible internet connection point.

This technology can be implemented from a basic kit that comprises two PLC devices and may support near to 30 devices, just one of these must be connected to our internet provider’s router and the other PLCs to the socket of the environments where Internet access is required.

We offer different speed of PLC (from 200Mbps to 1.2Gbps) of two kind (wire and wireless). Wireless PLC are advisable for places where several devices such as smartphones, tablets , laptops can connect by Wi-Fi. Wire PLC are generally used  to allow devices that use a high Internet bandwidth, such an Smart TV or a video play desktop, to connect to the network without losing the speed delivered by the router.

2.- To use Wi-Fi repeater signals (Range Extender). Useful devices to extend the Internet signal at wireless level. These must be placed where the original signal exceeds two bars. However, repeater chains higher than two jumps are not advisable, because the original signal degrades too much.



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