Wireless solutions for indoors

Wireless solutions for indoors

This solution allows the increase of data networks of companies or businesses in a Wireless way. Some wireless network solutions can be identified according to the customer section and needs. To design a wireless network for a hotel or office is not like to design it for a mall or an university campus. Inside the wide range of solutions offered, Kroton has solutions in accordance with our customers’ needs.

These networks aim to cover all the customers’ infrastructure with internet signal or the private networks in such a way that every user can connect by wireless means, indoors or outdoors, in a safe way, since the traffic radiated is not just traffic from internet applications but also data from the company or institution (intranet).

Contents and bandwidth of the connection can be managed according to the network type and size, as well as the security and management degree intended to the solution. Kroton’s work partners are Ubiquiti with lines UniFi M5 and AC, Xirrus with XR and XD lines, Cambium Networks with cnPilot line and TP-Link with AEP line. We can help you to design the network requested by the customer using each one of these lines.

The most required applications for this network type are:

  • Coverage of Internet signal in common areas of the hotels.
  • Access to intra and internet in offices
  • High density access to University’s  intranet
  • High density internet access to University’s  intranet for events, concerts and fairs (PeruMin type).
  • Internet access in mining camps
  • Wireless network for wireless PDT (bar code reader)




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