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kau yuk pressure cooker

Add in Nam Yue and the rest of the sauce ingredients (B) except the slurry mixture. I don’t have any sake. I don’t have an instapot, but I have a Ninja Foodi and your directions worked great for it as well! I’ll be adding more Japanese IP recipes to the site this fall/winter! Hi Lauren! All you have left is non-alcohol liquid (with umami and sweetness from fermented rice). I’m waiting for my kitchen remodel is finished and I can start cooking again. If you can’t take it due to religious reason, then need the same amount of water. The name is 豚バラブロック, is it correct? Thanks so much. . Poultry. Bring to a boil, cover, turn down to low and let simmer for 30 min. Can I put all the seasoning and water into the half cooked and washed pork? I’m so glad you and your husband enjoy this dish! Please advise. Thank you so much for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback! I ended up making it with both pork tenderloin and a little bit of pork belly I had left and it was still pretty good. Very frustrated. To double this recipe, do we double the cooking times? We only had blocks here and I sliced them thinly. Have fun exploring the 700+ classic & modern Japanese recipes I share with step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos. As I got older, the dish was still a part of the menu, but I now realized that it was made with pork belly. My other Kakuni recipe ( uses a block. It also depends on how much alcohol in the recipe, too. I’m glad it came out well! Lau Yee Chai’s Kau-Yuk (Chinese Pot Roast Pork) Boil a large pot of water. Kau Yuk (Steamed Red Pork) - yield: 8 to 10 servings (I halved the recipe below) Ingredients: 3 pounds pork belly 1 pound taro, sliced 1/2-inch thick oil for frying Sauce: 1 bottle red bean curd sauce (8-oz.) AWESOME! I hope you enjoy this recipe! So what you’re saying is that you will boil the water first, add in the pork to blanch (which means just short cooking), and then wash. Well, it comes down to preference, but it doesn’t render fat enough in such a short cooking time and then later you will be cooking in a fatty sauce. Powered by. , This year (2016) marks the 20th year that I’ve been comfortably and safely … You can use either soft boiled or hard boiled eggs. . It’s my favorite Japanese pork dish. Thanks! Thank you so much for trying this recipe! If you like it a bit spicy, sprinkle shichimi togarashi (Japanese seven spice). Thank you for your kind words! , There are other variants of Gau recipe using coconut milk to replace some of the water. The combination of tender pork, fluffy taro (a.k.a. You can make a rice bowl, tacos, sandwich… great way to freeze and pop into the oven to reheat to enjoy. The sauce tasted very good though. Can I skip the step? I love your website so much! . We can still use the sake/mirin effect without alcohol. Pour sauce over the assembled pork and taro dish. Hope to see you. Buy our best-selling e-cookbook full of 33 easy and simple Japanese recipes! Slide the steam release handle to the "Venting" position to let out steam until the float valve drops down, OR let the pressure release naturally (takes about 15 mins). Updated December 14, 2013 Hainanese Chicken Rice is one of the best Malaysian comfort food, and most ingredients are easily obtainable... One of my favorite Japanese desserts/cake is Dorayaki . Nami, thanks so much for sharing that! Hi Neelie, the pleasure was all mine. I updated the recipe. Hi Bonster! How would you adjust the instant pot recipe? Is there something else I can substitute or leave out the alcohol altogether? Actually I live in Japan, and my girlfriend was quite impressed by this recipe. In any case, I love your recipes. Never used pork tenderloin for this recipe, but I know for sure that the meat will be tougher and won’t be “melting” texture… If you’re used to lean meat you might be okay, but if you love Kakuni or pork belly texture, I’d say you might be disappointed with the result if you use tenderloin. Hi Cindy! I received many requests for more Instant Pot recipes after I shared my Slow Cooker Chicken Wings recipe. xo . My pork belly (from the Korean market) was pre-sliced into ¼ inches. Thanks! Update 6/4/2019: Instant Pot/electric pressure cooker is a popular tool now. This electric pressure cooker is very easy and user-friendly. I see you’ve updated the recipe! The egg sits in the sauce while it reduces to soak in the flavour so my egg was definitely hard boiled, which was fine too. I see. Thanks for sharing this recipe! This special dish that you used to prepare once in a while will soon become a weeknight repertoire. A leaner Hakka Kau Yoke (Steamed Pork with Taro) using tender sirloin roast instead of pork belly. Oh! In Notes section, I link my recipes for hard boiled and soft boiled eggs (using regular stovetop method). If you’re using 2 lbs, you should not need to increase the seasoning. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Thank you so much for your feedback, and I’m happy you got to enjoy this at your home during this pandemic. I’m wondering if the initial cook should be a shorter time to preserve the integrity of the pork belly. Step 4, Puncture pork with a fork to remove excess fat and rinse under cold running water for 5 minutes. Thank you!! One question: do you peel your eggs before putting them in the instant pot or do they go in with their shells on? . Or freeze it if you want to keep longer. I have never shopped at Korean grocery store. I prefer it with a poached egg to a hard cooked, but the sauce and the meat are just about perfect. This tasted just like the Kakuni I had in Japan! Thanks so much again for a wonderful recipe! xo. I had been traveling and didn’t get a chance to go to grocery store to take a pic yet. Kau Yuk recipe by , is from Mom's Recipe Book, one of the cookbooks created at I also should mention that we pre-make alcohol-evaporated sake or mirin and use it for recipes (without worrying about evaporating). It’s all gone… Next time I’m going to have to double the recipe! We don’t want that unwanted flavor and fat from the pork… Hope this makes sense. Arigato!! Delicious. Happy Labor Day weekend . If you have a lot of Kakuni left in the pot, it’s easier to reheat in the pot so that it’s reheated through. The final result looks nothing like yours. It seems like a dish that requires quite a few different steps to achieve the final delicious dish. Brown sugar can be used to replace the wong tong (Chinese slab sugar, labeled brown sugar candy). Add ½ cup Shaoxing wine, ¼ cup light soy sauce, 2 tablespoons dark soy sauce, and 1 cup of water. Please read my disclosure policy for details. I have never doubled the recipe, but as long as it doesn’t exceed the limid for the pressure cooker, it should be okay. I added some carrots and just a few garlic bulbs. When I took them out, the pork had rendered all of the fat so that only the meat was left, and when I did the second 10-minute cook in the sauce, the pork came out even leaner and quite broken down. I’m so glad to hear you liked the pressure cooker short rib recipe! Aww thank you so much for your kind words, and I’m glad you found my site! Hi Mel! You can, but for the meat to soak up the flavor, I recommend to boil a big block first and cut into smaller pieces before adding seasoning. Then press “Keep Warm/Cancel” button to turn off the Sauté mode. So You might want to cook as a block or slice thick yourself or cut after being cooked. I have to admit that I’ve never been on a kayaking trip for that long before. In case you’re interested, I put the recipe below for my regular Kakuni recipe you can make using the stove top. Hi Justine! Yay! Thank you for your reply! Place both pieces in a pot and cover with water. I’m so happy to hear you two enjoyed this recipe. So feel free to adjust, but keep the liquid amount same. I’m so happy to hear you like this recipe! Hope you enjoy making delicious recipes using IP! It was just big enough for a small pork roast and kraut with a 1/2 a pack of hot dogs. Make sure the steam release handle points at “sealing”. Thank you! Change the cooking time to 35 minutes. The only difference I could think of is that after the first 35 minutes on Manual, it stayed in there for another 40 minutes because I was out of the house. You would cook sake (or mirin) in a pot, bring it to a boil, and let it cook until alcohol is evaporated. Love Japanese food! Whether you’re already familiar with how to make Kakuni on the stove top or had never made it before, I highly recommend making Kakuni with a pressure cooker. 2. It’s great that you could find pork belly blocks – I know that some readers said it is hard to find pork belly, except for bacon… You can freeze for a few hours and then slice too. The broth is amazing. Thank you for your advice! It’s more work, but it’s so delish and … Press the “Manual” button to switch to the pressure cooking mode. Personally, I might try it again with a little less sugar. Hi Neelie! So happy to hear you tried this recipe and enjoyed it (and are making it again!). Is there another acceptable use for it? Add the pork and cook until lightly browned. I’m going to get sake & mirin now. Thanjs so much. Stocked with some taro and a piece of pork belly at home, I knew I had to attempt to make "Woo Tau Kau Yoke" (Steamed Pork Belly & Taro). The Hakka people have several pork dishes that are absolutely delicious and this Hakka Kau Yoke (Steamed Pork with Taro) is one of them. Family cookbooks are an important way to preserve our mealtime traditions for future generations with individual printed recipes or … I’m really happy to hear you enjoy my recipes, and thank you for your very sweet and encouraging words. . Thanks a lot for the advice. For soy sauce, Koikuchi soy sauce is the most common Japanese soy sauce used for recipes, and Nami used “Koikuchi” in this recipe. Wow, simply amazing! Hi Nikolai! This is absolutely yummy and I’m so glad I found it. I actually cook this recipe often, and I do not have the issue you had. . . Hi Jen! Hi Alice! Hi Yi-Nan! . I offered my dear friend Ayu my “ cupcake service” to make her we... I’ve had this dish at many Chinese restaurants (and I love it!) Fibrous or tough meat happens to the different cut of meat like tenderloin and loin… I’m really not sure why pork belly gets dry. Yes, I’m planning to share more recipes using this device in the future. I’m glad you figured out your level of sweetness. Even better than I anticipated. Thank you! Love your recipes. Thank you. Hope you enjoy! I’m so glad to hear that. It seems a waste…I know you want a clean flavor for the kakuni but perhaps the broth in another use would be ok? Hi Weston! It seems very simple to make with a few ingredients. Hi Dora! Hi Alan! . Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Aww I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe! I think I could’ve skipped the garlic but the carrots were soft and delicious! Happy Anniversary! Thank you for your kind feedback! I’m so happy to hear you two enjoyed the recipe! Very fatty pork belly. Well of course my kitchen is pretty small, but I have a decent sized place so it is separate from the rest of my living room. Thank you once again! – Was there enough fat for the block/slices you got? Thank you for trying out my recipes. But again, this is all preference. . How is it in the Japanese kitchen? Any idea why this is happening? I am still very much a novice with the instant pot but we all agree this is definitely as oishii as one of the japanese restaurants in town! For simplicity, I’ll just cut and paste from Food Network, but a quick Google across different platforms will give the same basic conclusion: “The longer you cook, the more alcohol cooks out, but you have to cook food for about 3 hours to fully erase all traces of alcohol. If … Coat the pork in the mixture and set aside. Thank you! I left out the Japanese five spice and only had 1/4 cup Mirin so substituted the remainder with 1/4 cup rice vinegar and 1/8 cup sugar. Hi,Nami-san, I’m a Japanese wife married to a Russian-American guy, living in Japan. So happy to hear your feedback and thanks for writing! I’m hoping to post more Instant Pot recipes this winter. Add shallots, garlic and sauté until they are slightly brown. This sliced pork belly cut is from Korean, so they are thick cut, compared to Japanese pork belly slices. Pork belly has good amount fat, which is great for braising. Rinse the pork belly under warm water. If you have time (this is optional), press the “Sauté” button and simmer on low heat until the liquid in the cooker has reduced by half. Everyone really enjoyed the melt in your mouth pork fat. You’ll be addicted to this super tasty bite of heaven! Bring it to simmer to let the alcohol evaporate (no more than a minute). Additionally, I read your post about soy sauce (very informative! Do I slice the pork belly before cooking? Do I need to increase cooking time? I’m either not doing this right or there’s a typo in the recipe instructions, which I followed precisely. Thank you and keep on doing the great work! just bought the instant pot and now I know the first dish I want to try with it…this looks/sounds amazing. Yes, peel the eggs first, and then add to the IP. It was wonderful. My instant pot (philips brand) does not have a sauté function. It will take about 5-10 minutes for the Instant Pot to come to pressure. Hi Nikolai! I hope you find some recipes that you enjoyed while you lived in Okinawa. Like a ramen broth perhaps or some other stew…I’d love to hear your thoughts, thank you! Fantastic my husband said and great that there is one piece over for tomorrow, thank you for posting!!!! Hope you enjoy the recipe! Do you use skin off or skin on pork belly for this recipe? . The meat was about one inch by two inches thick. I truly appreciate it! I’ve tried all of your pressure cooker recipes, they all turned out so well. No worries! Yes, you can use less sugar if you like. Yam Kau Yuk. will the eggs over cook? I recently bought an instant pot, but I’m not sure how to modify traditinal recipes for the IP, any tips would be greatlt appreciated , Hi Guangye! Yeah I guess you have no choice. Let the mixture come to a boil, then stir in the slurry mixture and let the sauce thicken. Thank you for your kind feedback! , Cool you got an IP! My mom has this stove top pressure cooker that makes everyone nervous when it makes a hissing, whistling, and rattling sound. Let’s talk about what to serve with Instant Pot shoyu pork? Thanks again! Gather all the ingredients. I have a question, but how thinly do you cut the pork belly block? I was used to hearing the sound, yet for the longest time (and still), I don’t feel safe using it by myself in my own kitchen. I love pulled pork recipe that I recently posted. Do you know if I need to adjust the cooking times due to the difference in volume from the 6qt IP you used? You have an Instant Pot in Japan! If you’re using a stove-top pressure cooker, cook on high heat until high pressure is reached. I have just bought a instant pot and I’m going to try this recipe tomorrow. I’m sorry for my late response. Carefully removed the steamed dish, place a serving platter over it and invert the dish. So happy to hear you like this recipe! I’ll continue to share more pressure cooker recipes (but I can’t share all the time as not everyone has it… :)). Lau Yee Chai’s Kau-Yuk (Chinese Pot Roast Pork) Boil a large pot of water. The official doctor’s recommendation in Japan is to wait until 12 months to introduce sake/mirin to the kids, and we have to make sure to cook (boil) it before using it. Made your braused pork belly today. Much faster to cook and just as tasty. Shock par-boiled belly pork in ice water to stop cooking process, then place in colander and drain all water thoroughly (about 1 hour). please provide instruction with stove-top pressure cooker, after the first 30 mins, do another 15 mins with eggs? Chinese Kau Yuk We all grew up eating this dish at every occasion celebrated at a Chinese Restaurant. Woo Tau Kau Yoke (Steamed Pork Belly & Taro), Dorayaki (Japanese Pancake with Red Bean Paste Filling), 1/2 lb Taro (Cut to the size of the pork belly slab, and cut 7-8 slices), 1-1/2 Cube of Fermented Red Bean Curd (Nam Yue), Slurry Mixture (Mixture of 2 Tsp Corn Flour  & 2 Tsp Water). Hi Nami! You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. Sorry! We have had Kakuni in our fav restaurant (Kura) in Ak, New Zealand but we live in Portland, OR now and it’s not a good time to go to restaurants of course. Do you think it would work if I used pork tenderloins? I got my first pressure cooker was a hand me down from my grandmother when I was in college. I ate so much Japanese food growing up in Taiwan so Japanese food is very important to me. Hi Monette! . Seriously. Thank you for your kind feedback. If the recipe requires cooking the sake and mirin, sure! Can you recommend another cut of meat to substitute for pork belly b/c pork belly are very fat so I can only cook this dish twice a year. I keep it stored away under my floor when I am not using it . Do you have any recommendations for cooking kakuni from frozen pork belly? . And thanks for writing your feedback here. Pour water just to cover the meat, then add the green onions and sliced ginger. Use your instant pot to make this melt-in-your-mouth Pressure Cooker Pork Belly (Kakuni)! I haven’t checked out your curry recipe but I’ll take a look. Making this just made me feel so accomplished, it really was meltingly delicious. Stir to combine and close the Instant Pot. I edit instructions by improving my sentences to make it clear (especially if someone has trouble understanding my English). Thanks! Cover and lock the lid. I love kau yuk. Could it be that? Hi AC! Press the “Keep Warm/Cancel” button on the Instant Pot to stop cooking. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe – I was wondering in addition to adding eggs, could you also add other vegetables like carrots or potatoes into the pressure cooker when cooking the pork belly? Very nice photos! On the traditional recipe you cut the pork to 2”x2” squares/cubes while the instant pot recipe are cut to 1/4” slices. Hi Jonathan! 1. Raise your hands if you love HOOTERS Chicken Wings!!! I have no idea how it tastes like. Add 6 – 8 lbs. What I like the best is how easy it is to clean up. Please post more recipes using the Instant Pot! May I know how the pork used for Kakuni called/labelled in Japan (supermarket)? I can’t wait to try this recipe. I do not know why I didn’t get email notification of your comment, but I might accidentally delete it. Looking forward to more of your recipes =), Yay!!! This was great! Place the pork belly and egg (add blanched green vegetable if you have any). Yes, it is!! Wonderful! There is about 5 minutes of prep time. Because you can cook it FAST. That helps the smell reduced. Hope this helps! CiCi Li - Asian Home Cooking 3,276 views I was comparing your Kakuni traditional recipe vs instant pot version and I have a question about the size of the pork belly. Thank you so much for your kind feedback, Leslie! Why? You can skip this part to cut down the cooking time, but it will render more fat and make the dish tastier. Your recipe worked so well! CHINESE KAU YUK We all grew up eating this dish at every occasion celebrated at a Chinese Restaurant. EASY PRESSURE COOKER BRAISED PORK WITH YAM VS HAKKA KAU YUK Hakka kau yuk is a traditional dish where I still follow the traditional way of preparing the dish. Shichimi Togarashi (Japanese seven spice), Pressure Cooker Spaghetti Bolognese スパゲッティーボロネーゼ (圧力鍋), Roger Dahl's Comic Japan Worldwide Giveaway (Closed), Kurobe Gorge - Japan's Nature Wonder 黒部渓谷,,, And I want to reply, of course, only to bring awareness to this issue as this is something I’ve had to research myself, having two young kids to cook for. Thanks so much for your very kind feedback! This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy a block you can freeze the meat for 30-60 minutes and slice with a sharp knife (See this post) or cut into 2" x 2" or 5 cm x 5 cm cubes, which are typical Japanese pork belly (Kakuni) shapes. xoxo. When it is finished cooking, the Instant Pot will switch automatically to a “Keep Warm” mode. Step 1, (For a sweeter sauce, add 1 package of Noh's Char Siu Sauce mixture to the sauce ingredients above. Sorry I’m quite new to Japan, so I’m not used to the Japanese supermarket yet. I have onions and Korean chives. Step 3, Boil water and salt, add pork and simmer 30 minutes. I guess it would be harder to see the green onion and garlic, but it would make the recipe easier…, Hi hmucha! Thank you for responding to Amy! So that’s another option. Thanks again! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe! 1.5 x would be okay… but I don’t think it’s necessary. Hi thischris! And have fun cooking in IP! Is there a reason dashi is not needed here? I have been trying to cook several recipes, all are quite awesome! Hello Nami! , Thank you so much for the quick reply! I added carrots and turnips and cut back on sugar. Hope that helps! Loved it! I wonder why the meat was tough and fibrous…. I love to cook Japanese dishes – always referring to your blog. I've had this dish a couple times and remembered mom making it at home too many years ago. "Kau Yuk is a favorite of my wife s. Have had it at Le Hou, Jumbo, Dragon City, Superior, Best Panda, Fountain Court, and Eight Immortals in S. F. and Golden Wok and Silver House in San Mateo, and Silver Lake and Pan Tao in Cupertino. It’s really up to one’s preference and there is no specific type that is required for Kakuni. Hi Cathy! Having the veggies cook in the sauce sounds like it’ll be really yummy! Thank you so much for your kind feedback! I don’t always make the same dish and always find a way to arrange a dish. , I’ve enjoyed cooking your other recipes and this one looks delicious, too. . Japanese don’t use skin-on pork belly so ones you can get from Japanese grocery stores are all no-skin. I’ve made it a few times already. So whenever I cook this dish, I will cook an extra bowl to freeze. Step 5, Drain and dry, then rub pork with the thick soy sauce-water mixture. Question: if I were to double the serving size, should I double the seasonings? Anyway, thank you also for the discussion . Your recipe is super easy to follow and it’s really delicious. I really hope you’ll enjoy this recipe as much as my family does. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I really believe fatty pork belly is the best fit for this recipe, but you might be able to use pork shoulder…but it’ll be more dry. I'm Nami, a Japanese home cook based in San Francisco. These Yam Kau Yuk bowls take long time to steam to perfection. Thanks!! I just read the other comments and found that you said that you buy pre-sliced meat from Korean grocery store. Then reduce the heat to low to maintain high pressure for about 30 minutes. When you cook pork belly over the stove top, it takes a while (hours) to get the pork super tender and you need to constantly monitor the temperature and amount of liquid remaining in the pot. Set aside. There is one in Daly City too. Hi Soleilnyc! When it is finished cooking, the Instant Pot will switch automatically to a “Keep Warm” mode. , Hi Jufr! Hi Neelie! Then, deep fry pork belly (skin side down) for about 7-8 minutes. Don’t want to miss a recipe? Cover the dish with aluminum foil and place in a steamer or a pot to let the pork and taro steam (over medium heat) for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours; until pork and taro are tender. Hi Kyouko! Hope you find my site and recipes useful. Question … for the boiled eggs, should it be somewhat raw inside? I doubled this recipe on my first try and it tasted amazing. Remove and soak pork belly for about 15 minutes in cold water to wash oil oil and regain moisture lost in deep frying. Good stuff! Hi Nami, the pork belly block I purchased at the Chinese market has skin on top. Yes, please remove the skin/rind. Pork belly has good fat to make the meat very tender. I’d increase the sauce as well (same portion) so that it has enough sauce when you serve. Thanks for the recipe!!! Thank you for trying this recipe! Remove the boiled pork belly and place in the soy sauce mixture. The scallions or negi (long green onion) is to remove the unwanted flavor from the pork, not too much for flavoring. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this recipe! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe. Followed the recipe exactly and next time I will take down the sugar to 3 Tbsp. But finally, I could find your website, that is ,saving my cooking life everyday! When you were out, was the meat in the sauce or exposed? Yes, Japanese pork belly slices are like bacon, very thin. With a pressure cooker, these worries go away and the process is very simple. xoxo. I meant I keep my InstaPot under the floor in my kitchen that is haha. If you’d like to share this recipe on your site, please re-write the recipe in your own words and link to this post as the original source. Serve immediately with some warm rice. If it wasn’t because of my baby brot... ALL COPYRIGHTS RESERVED © *SIMPLY-JUNE* 2008-2013. , Great! I would start just following my recipe (see this post: but check the result and see if you can adjust based on how it’s cooked. I’ve had to modify so much of my cooking to try to accommodate the kiddos. Step 2, Cut belly pork into 2 inch strips. Hope you will like that too. Reserve ¼ cup broth. xo. Remember to check the water level of the steamer occasionally and add more hot water if needed. Thanks Nami! It was roughly 1/4 inches. , Have just made this recioe this morning, and I really enjoy it, thanks so much for creating the recipe , Hi Christine! I used a pre-sliced pork belly from the Korean market for this recipe. Oh, this sound absolutely delicious, I need more rice for this!! Definitely saving and I look forward to trying more of your recipes!

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El programa Wisenet ACADEMY tiene como objetivo compartir informaciones y capacitar al profesional de video-vigilancia. La empresa entiende que una línea de alta tecnología como SAMSUNG Wisenet exige profesionales certificados para que puedan aplicar las mejores soluciones, de la simple a la alta complejidad.

Buscando compartir el conocimiento del equipo de Ingenieros y Soporte, la compañía resolvió invertir fuertemente en entrenamientos enfocados en la línea de productos SAMSUNG Wisenet. El mercado de video-vigilancia carece cada vez más de profesionales que entiendan la diferencia de la cámara común para una cámara de alta tecnología, sin embargo el ámbito educacional, muchas veces, exige tiempo y dinero.

Actualmente, la empresa invierte fuerte en el área de capacitación online, presencial y también en cursos presenciales en ferias del segmento de Seguridad Electrónica, como ISC Brasil y EXPOSEC, con el objetivo de compartir conocimiento de manera gratuita. Antes del 2020, la compañía tiene como objetivo capacitar a más de 30 mil profesionales en toda América Latina y a partir de esto, reconocerlos como profesionales preparados para ofrecer las mejores soluciones de la línea SAMSUNG Wisenet.

Invertir en educación técnica es el camino para la evolución del mercado. ¡La línea SAMSUNG Wisenet estará siempre con usted! #WisenetACADEMY

DVR Dahua con tecnología Cloud P2P

La función P2P (Peer to Peer) permite acceder a un DVR/NVR de modo remoto sin hacer configuraciones en su Router. El protocolo P2P de Dahua es un sistema de conexión rápida que permite acceder remotamente a un DVR/NVR/CÁMARA IP desde un dispositivo móvil o desde un computador sin necesidad de configurar manualmente el reenvío de puertos de la red local, esto también es conocido como “abrir puertos del router”. El P2P nos permite acceder al grabador de forma rápida y sencilla para visualizar imágenes en cualquier lugar y a cualquier hora, desde un smartphone, tableta o a través de un navegador web. Tecnología P2P fácil de configurar Sistema compatible con cualquier proveedor de Internet y facilita la configuración para el monitoreo remoto. Aplicación de vigilancia móvil gratuita DMSS Potente aplicación de vigilancia móvil para monitoreo de cámaras a través de internet desde un navegador web. Compatible con tabletas y celulares IOS, Android y Windows Mobile. También puede ver grabaciones y realizar configuraciones. Notificación de alarma de la nube Transmisión de 03 señales: video, audio y PTZ en un mismo cable. Transmisión en vivo 24/7  

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